Swim Before You Walk! Developmental Pluses to Swimming Early

Swim Before You Walk! Developmental Pluses to Swimming Early

Our SynchroBabies™ courses are extremely popular and in demand.  These classes for ages 0-7m provide bonding and early exposure to water and swimming, but there are benefits beyond even the obvious learn to swim/safety issues.  There are researched facts on why swimming before your baby’s first birthday is recommended!

(By GoldFish Swim School)

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) once felt just like you. They recommended against swimming lessons for infants and toddlers because there was simply not enough evidence that early exposure to water reduced the risk of drowning. In fact, this same group feared the potential for a false sense of confidence around the water.

In 2010, everything changed. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) study investigated data on drowning deaths over the course of two years and found that formal swimming lessons between 1-4 years of age resulted in a 88% reduction of risk from drowning. This led to a formal revision of the AAP’s policy.

Even better? There’s even more evidence on the benefits of swimming lessons for babies. A Norwegian University of Science and Technology study revealed that infants  who participated in swimming lessons demonstrated better balance and motor skills from the start of their lessons up to the age of 5. And this is even in addition to the Griffith University study we talked about a couple posts ago that found that kids that begin swimming at an early age achieve physical and mental milestones before their peers.

Want to know more about our SynchroBabies™ Classes? No matter your child’s age or comfort level, there’s something for everyone.