Our statement on Small Business Closures in the state of Oregon


“ANY county or city leader who is not standing up for small businesses who are mandated closed while malls and stores are packed-is now simply complicit.  “The Governor said so” doesn’t cut it anymore.  The hollow “so sorry” means nothing.  Anyone with a shroud of decency should be writing and calling their city and county officials and demanding they stand up to the hypocrisy.  Sandy and Troutdale among other small town leaders,  have all made it clear their small businesses will open starting Jan 1.  Safely-but they will open.  At some point it’s a matter of right and wrong and we applaud these courageous local leaders for speaking up for what is right.  Shame on anyone who stands with this governor on the way these mandates are being applied to some industries but not others- with no way for a business to apply for a variance or create a safety plan to the county to open.  Most of the industries closed, including our industry have had zero outbreaks of covid related back to the industry.  It is simply unfathomable that we can get a massage in a very small room for an hour- but cannot offer a 15 min private swimming lesson.
Each and every business represents someones or many people’s livelihoods-how they pay their mortgages and feed their families. This is now an economic emergency created by the very people who are supposedly safeguarding us. Another business destroyed without forethought or consequences.
How can you support small business?  Write or call your city and county officials. Ask them to stand for small business with their position and to use their voice to speak our against hypocritical mandates- and open the small businesses in their county and cities.  Our local officials were elected to represent our voice.  If you agree with us- let’s make our voices heard.  Safeguards are fine. Hypocrisy is not.”  Jackie Young and Kelley Robinson/OWNERS
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