Auggie saves himself! June 2021!


I wanted to express to you how grateful we are that we found you and have done lessons through Swimbabes!

Today, Augie and my husband went to a neighborhood pool. It was the perfect storm – my husband was looking down to send me a text message, my sister in law was busy with her children. Augie watched the other boys jump in the pool and decided to jump in as well.

He was seen jumping in so my husband immediately ran over to see Augie floating on his back. While panicked, of course, he was not drowning, nor was he flailing. He didn’t cry when he came out of the water and continued to swim safely the rest of the morning.

THANK YOU for the knowledge and confidence you instilled in our son! While we will be working on not jumping in the pool until an adult tells you it’s safe to do so, we are thrilled at the outcome.

Thank you also for the confidence instilled in us, my husband stated he was not scared when he realized Augie had just jumped in the pool. He quickly grabbed him, but had the ultimate knowledge that Augie knew what to do for a few seconds.

Jillian and Frank Gatto