Conrad Saves himself!: Aug 2016


“This is the first time in all of our 7 + years of having our kiddos in lessons at Swimbabes that I/we have had a personal experience where the turn and float saved our kiddo!!!
This past weekend, Conrad, 22 months, put to use his survival skills in the pool – We were doing an evening play date at a friends pool. Conrad was in the water with his two older brothers and their one friend. It was a built in pool next to the big deeper pool, so this one was meant for younger kiddos, but still 1’6″ deep. They were all just jumping and splashing around. He had a life jacket on earlier, but had run off into that pool without us getting it back on from a break they had all just had. We were with the other two parents a few feet away at a picnic table and then pacing around watching the kids in the pool. I glanced away but for just a second in conversation and the next glance at the pool I saw Conrad in a super float – (on his back and floating) though splashing a lot while getting his air. He had clearly fallen or lost his footing and didn’t mean to be doing that, and needed help. His older brothers didn’t even notice and they were playing only feet away! They didn’t even notice me as I sprinted to Conrad, and pulled him out. It felt like but a moment that I/we had glanced away. He coughed out some water, and was crying and scared – but he did exactly what survival swim has taught him thus far – turned and floated and saved himself! (He only just recently passed his 5 min float in class, too!)
It only takes a moment. We all know that! But Ugh! You just don’t know how fast it happens until it actually happens!
Thank you Swimbabes! “

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