Nova Saves herself! Summer 2019!

Nova is 3 years old and has been in lessons with SWIMBABES since she was a year old.  Here is her survival story as told by her mom.

“Last month we went to the beach at Neskowin. There was a deep creek that goes to the ocean but first runs through the sand area.
Nova was walking with her grandparents on the beach and ran ahead of them (as lots of kids do on the beach) but still far enough back from the edge of the creek that it wasn’t concerning to them.  Suddenly, the sand bank just dropped away into the creek and Nova somersaulted into the creek!
She fell down to the super cold water fully dressed including wearing her rain boots!   She automatically used her survival skills she had been taught at Swimbabes swimming class and immediately turned over on her back and floated, yelling “papa!” (her grandpa).

Thank you so much for providing these valuable survival  skills to the young kids so they know how to handle a scary and sudden situation while waiting for help!”   Pattuma Corliss

** NOTE BY SWIMBABES: Thank You Pattuma for sharing this scary and valuable example of how fast accidents can happen: and how important it is to make sure your children know what to do if they find themselves in deep water unexpectedly.   In Oregon, we don’t only deal with back yard pools and hot tubs, but ponds, rivers and lakes where young children really need to know how to turn over and float until help can arrive to them.