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(SynchroBabies™, Basic Water Safety, Beginning Survival Courses):

Drops with full refund are allowed within the same day of signing up for any
beginning course.  You must call the office at 503 786 6250 or email
swimbabesportland@gmail.com that same day to have your refund processed.

Drops with full refund are allowed for Beginning Courses- 4 weeks or more prior
to the start date of the course.

Drops 2-4 weeks prior to start date of the course or session may be credited to
your SWIMBABES account less a $50.00 (Beginning Survival) or $25.00 (SynchroBabies or Basic Water Awareness) non refundable class hold fee.
No refunds of any sort will be offered.

Drops with less than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the course or session
cannot be refunded or credited.

No refunds or credits will be given if you drop your child during a Beginning
Course or a Basic Water Safety or SynchroBabies™ session for any reason.
Payment of a beginning course is agreement to abide by the above policies.

Perpetual Weekly Lesson Students:
Please refer to the Ongoing Lesson Agreement you signed.  A copy of this agreement can be found on the Forms Download page.


No make ups, credits  or refunds for missed classes.
However, if you would like to participate in the gift lesson program, you may do so once you are enrolled in the 3 month Perpetual Lesson program which is available after finishing a beginning course. If classes need to be canceled by SWIMBABES™, a make up will be offered.  If you cannot participate in the make up day, you will be given a gift lesson on file to schedule at a later time as long as we have 48 hour prior notice that you will miss the make up day.



Due to the group nature of SWIMBABES.tm classes and child protection issues, photographs, video taping and cell phone photo/video is strictly prohibited around the pool area, dressing rooms or in bathrooms.
However, under the instructor’s direction, we will allow photographs on the following days:
1. The first day of a SynchroBabies™ or Basic Water session, which are generally your child’s very first exposure to the pool.  The instructor will allow a photograph of your child (only your child please) before or after class on the first day of the session.  No photos during class are allowed.
2. Blue Ribbon Award Days: The instructor will also allow a photograph when he or she wins a blue ribbon award for turning over and floating independently to the count of 10 and also when they win a 5 minute float award fully clothed.  The office may take this photo for you and send it to you via email or you may opt to take this photo yourself as your instructor directs.

We encourage you to take your child to play in other pool situations with you; these are perfect opportunities for home videos and photographs of your child.  Professional underwater videography is also offered in a private setting a few times a year.


Cell phones are not permitted to be in use pool side, in bathrooms or dressing rooms since most videos and photographs are often taken this way.  Cell phone use must be done in lobby area and we do ask that cell phone conversations be taken outside of the building in order that our reception area is as quiet as possible for our office assistant to answer phone calls.


All children 3.5 and under must wear a swim diaper in to the pool.   There are no exceptions to the age rule.  If your child is not potty trained, an Iplay swim diaper must be purchased as well as a Konfidence diaper cover OR a Kushies Swim Diaper as a cover if you have a very tiny or slim baby.  If your child is in potty training and doing well, he/she may use a pull up RE USABLE Iplay swim diaper.  You may buy these at your office appointment or purchase on your own.  Should you choose not to buy through us, please bring your diaper and diaper cover to your office appointment so that we may make sure you have the correct diapers.   Absolutely no disposable swim diapers or disposable diapers in the pool.  (IE little swimmers).

To go without a diaper, children must be a min of 3.5 year old and have been dry day and night for a full year.


Please note: All BWA and SynchroBabies™ classes must purchase swim discs and diapers for their class upon their registration for the class.   Swim Diaper, Swim Diaper Cover and swim discs are additional fees that are not included in class fees.

A one time registration fee per family is charged of $49.95.   Please make sure to enroll in the “registration fee” if registering online.

For more detailed policies, please download the policy page at this link:swimbabes policies and proceedures updated 2017

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