SynchroBabies™ – Ages 0-6 months

The earlier an infant is introduced to the water , the easier it is to teach them to swim.

About SynchroBabies™

Infants as young as 12 weeks join SynchroBabies!

The phrase “the earlier the better” applies here.  The earlier an infant is introduced to the water , the easier it is to teach them to swim.  In fact, the optimal age we have found to start babies in the water is 10-14 weeks old!  (yes weeks, not months!) Research also indicates that babies under one year of age participating in physically stimulating activities can  increase their intellectual capabilities.  Swimming is the most ideal physical activity for an infant or baby due to the nature of buoyancy.  Buoyancy allows the most independent freedom an infant can have before they are self motoring.

All of a babies aquatic opinions are usually formed in the first year of life.  What your baby is exposed to, how you react to the water and the rules of gravity vs buoyancy are all developed within that first year.

In SynchroBabies™, babies learn that the aquatic environment is just a part of life; like taking a bath, learning to sit up, crawl and then walk.  Babies who begin at an early age and are consistent in their lessons almost always swim before they can walk.

Infants and very young babies are taught beginning submersion, back floating, breath control.
There are 2 age groups for our SynchroBabies™ Classes:
Tinies:  10-15weeks
Babies:  4m-6m

SynchroTinies will focus on correct holds, getting infant comfortable in the water, bonding, introduction to water over the face and cueing.  Tinies will not submerge until they are close to 4m old.

SynchroBabies classes will focus on correct holds, getting baby comfortable in the water, bonding, cueing, intro to underwater and assisted back floating.

All infants and babies gain relaxation in the water, strength and breath control.  * Disclaimer: SynchroBabies WILL NOT teach your baby water survival skills.  Babies must be enrolled in perpetual weekly survival lessons after completing Synchrobabies in order to learn survival.

SynchroBabies™ Schedule of Classes

Next Session:  Babies in Synchro may not be older than 6m at start date of class. 

Babies in Synchro TINIES may not be older than 14weeks at start date of class.

** Please note: make sure to check back on classes periodically as if someone drops or does not pay at the time of registration, the class will become open again!

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