UV /Ozone System

The safety of our swim students and teachers is our No. 1 priority, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Because SWIMBABES is committed to providing a pristine swimming environment for our families, we follow strict water disinfection practices and standards that keep our facility on the cutting edge of the water education industry.

As part of this commitment to our swimmers’ safety, we are among the very few swim schools that have invested in costly, high-quality UV water purification systems to keep the water clean and pure at our facility, while reducing the need for chlorine and its toxic by-products.

Ultraviolet light creates a 254 nm wavelength of light that can penetrate the cell membranes of dangerous microorganisms, water-borne bacteria, and parasites like cryptosporidium. At the same time, automatic monitoring is continually ongoing, and chemicals are automatically added as needed to adjust PH and chlorine levels.

Thanks to our advanced UV water purification, our pools require much less chlorine, reducing the amount of chemical residue and toxic by-products in the water. These by-products can cause respiratory problems and eye and skin irritation, as well as that “chlorine smell” most people encounter at indoor swimming pools. UV water purification destroys these pollutants, making our pool water and environment safer and more pleasant for swimmers.

Even with these high-tech water purification systems in place, dedicated staff members at each location still perform hourly, manual water chemical checks to ensure optimum water quality.

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