New Student Registration / Lesson Schedule


*A one time registration fee of $49.95 is due for all families new to SWIMBABES upon enrollment.

8 weeks -15 weeks

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Ages 4-6 months.  Babies cannot be older than 6m at start date of class.

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SynchroTots ™
Ages 7-15m with parent.

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Basic Water Awareness
Ages 16m-2 years with parent
Ages 2-3 with parent 

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* All children under age 3.5 are  required to wear 2 swim diapers: : an Iplay Swim Diaper with a Kushies Swim Diaper Cover.   Swim discs are also required for class for SynchroBabies™, SynchroTots™ and Basic Water Awareness.   All items may be purchased at your office appointment prior to class start and are additional fees.  Office registration appointments must be scheduled through the office at 503 786 6250 and must be completed at least 48 hours prior to class start date.



Ages 22m-3 years.  Children 22m-3 years whose parents are ready to a longer commitment of teaching their child survival skills may sign up for a 6 month beginning survival course when available.  No prior experience necessary.  If your child is very fearful, they should start instead with a Basic Water Awareness course.
Ages 4 and older.  Children ages 4 and older do not need to complete BWA to enter survival lessons.  No experience required but children must be willing to put their face underwater without fear.  Fearful children ages 4 and older should start with private lessons.

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Private Lessons: ages 2 and older only.  Available Times/Days:

EMAIL for private information at

Private Group: Beginning Survival Class: ages 3.5.  1x or 2x/week.
limited times may be available.  Email for openings.
If you have a home school group of children ages 3.5 and older, we offer a 10% discount on the course (no discount on registration fee) when you register a group of 4-5 students at the same time.   (we do not give discounts unless a full group of students is registered all at once.)

$320.00 with 10% discount. ($359.50 regular price): set of 12 beginning lessons.
** One adult must be the organizer/point person.  This person may call in to register all students with name, birthdate, address, email, and phone number.  In order to register a group, you must contact
** All children must be registered at the same time.  Payment for each child may be made individually, but must be made
within 24 hours of the group being registered or the entire group will be canceled.   Payment may be made online.


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