Private Lessons ages 2 and older

SWIMBABES is not a private lesson school but we do offer private lessons on a very limited basis.  (this is due to water time and teacher availability)

Private lessons are generally reserved for children 2 and older who need to overcome fear before joining a group situation or parents whose schedules aren’t working with group schedules.  Private lessons are scheduled directly before or after group lessons, so they are not always available.   Parents are not in the water in a private situation, but are asked to sit pool side.

A beginning set of privates are required when first starting: 6 beginning lessons.  Lessons are 20 minutes long with a 10 min/practice/play time.  After the initial set of lessons, privates may be scheduled up to 4 lessons at a time.

Most children are able to join a group situation after 1-2 sets of privates.

Please email for private information with your day/time availability.  We will let you know if there is an opening that may work with your schedule.

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