Perpetual Lesson Program (Weekly Lessons)

SWIMBABES Perpetual Lesson Program runs Feb-Nov yearly with a 2 month break in Dec and Jan.  Children are invited into the Perpetual Lesson Program after they have successfully completed a SynchroBabies, BWA or Beginning 22m-3 year old Survival Course or a 4y-7y old Survival  course.  Instructor invitation is required for children coming from SynchroBabies or BWA.

Instructor Approval required.

Though most children stay with us 4-5 years and become amazing swimmers, if you need to leave the Perpetual Lesson Program, we just ask for written notice via email by the 15th of the month PRIOR to your next billing cycle.If your child is already a swimmer, they may test in to our Perpetual Lesson Program by emailing

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