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See what people are saying about us!

See what people are saying about us!

Want to know what others think of YELP as a review page? Read for yourself!

Yelp:  Read the reviews of this advertising business.

Fantastic Blog: “Your kids aren’t dry drowning. (because it’s not real)”

This is one of the best articles we’ve read on this subject. http://www.kidnurse.org/dry-drowning/

What is Dry Drowning : facts and myths

On “Dry Drowning” by drowninglit.com On June 3, 2017, a 4 year old child suddenly died. The initial treating physicians told the family this was due to a rare condition known as “dry drowning”, since the child had swam a few days earlier and now had evidence of water in his lungs. Despite the fact […]

The Cognitive Benefits of Baby Swim

October 2012: THE COGNITIVE BENEFITS OF BABY SWIMMING LESSONS The benefits of introducing your child to swimming lessons whilst still a baby are many, and include improved physical development as well as social development – not to mention fun! The benefit that is overlooked most often (most likely because it is still widely unknown) is […]

How do I know when my child is “done” with swimming lessons?

How long should my child be in swimming lessons?   This question is a fairly common question among parents.  It is also fairly misunderstood in the general public.  Some adults think they can swim; but in reality could not perform the necessary standards of safe swimming if necessary. Many of us grew up in areas […]

NOW HIRING! Part time teacher and Part time office!

We are hiring!  2 positions are coming open at SWIMBABES.   We LOVE to train SWIMBABES parents and grandparents for our staff! This is also a great way to help pay for lessons as our employees also receive employee discount on lessons! 1. SWIMBABES Swim School is seeking a part time swimming instructor to join their […]

Conrad Saves himself!: Aug 2016

  “This is the first time in all of our 7 + years of having our kiddos in lessons at Swimbabes that I/we have had a personal experience where the turn and float saved our kiddo!!! This past weekend, Conrad, 22 months, put to use his survival skills in the pool – We were doing […]

Study Shows Swimming Grows Minds!

Study Shows Swimming Grows Minds!   Australian swim coach Laurie Lawrence was part of a research project that surveyed 10,000 swimming students throughout Australia over four years to determine whether swimming aids children’s cognitive physical and emotion development. Australian swim coach Laurie Lawrence was part of a research project that surveyed 10,000 swimming students throughout […]

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