Swim Survival Safety Ages 4y-7y

SWIMBABES offers Beginning Survival Lessons courses ages 4y-7y.
In the beginning course, children are taught to jump into deep water and roll to their backs and sustain a back float as their first foundational safety skill.

Once this skill is learned, they are then taught how to swim 40 feet and to safety fully clothed and on their backs.  These are the 2 foundational safety skills that accelerate children to learn how to swim very quickly.  Children will also be introduced to forward swimming once they have mastered their safety skills.

Beginning Survival Courses generally last 6-12 weeks and children come 1x or 2x/week.  Once the beginning course is completed, you may continue your child in lessons as they learn to swim.  Children should know these important life saving skills by the time they enter school full time:

  1. Float Fully Clothed for 5 minutes unassisted or swim 40 feet full clothed unassisted on the back.
  2. Jump in deep water and rise to the surface and float or swim.
  3. Jump in and swim back to a wall and get out unassisted.
  4. Exit a pool without assistance.(climb out)
  5. Swim 25 yards 2-3 strokes.  (2 lengths of the SWIMBABES pool without stopping.

SWIMBABES teaches lessons through the pre competitive level of swim!

*** While no experience is necessary for Beginning Survival Courses, we do suggest children are not fearful.  Fearful children should register for Basic Water Awareness courses or private lessons before attempting survival classes.

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