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SWIM BABES weekly updates 12-12-2017

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See what people are saying about us!

See what people are saying about us!

Want to know what others think of YELP as a review page? Read for yourself!

Yelp:  Read the reviews of this advertising business.

Fantastic Blog: “Your kids aren’t dry drowning. (because it’s not real)”

This is one of the best articles we’ve read on this subject.

What is Dry Drowning : facts and myths

On “Dry Drowning” by On June 3, 2017, a 4 year old child suddenly died. The initial treating physicians told the family this was due to a rare condition known as “dry drowning”, since the child had swam a few days earlier and now had evidence of water in his lungs. Despite the fact […]

The Cognitive Benefits of Baby Swim

October 2012: THE COGNITIVE BENEFITS OF BABY SWIMMING LESSONS The benefits of introducing your child to swimming lessons whilst still a baby are many, and include improved physical development as well as social development – not to mention fun! The benefit that is overlooked most often (most likely because it is still widely unknown) is […]

How do I know when my child is “done” with swimming lessons?

How long should my child be in swimming lessons?   This question is a fairly common question among parents.  It is also fairly misunderstood in the general public.  Some adults think they can swim; but in reality could not perform the necessary standards of safe swimming if necessary. Many of us grew up in areas […]

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