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Drowning and Signs To Look For

Drowning is not the violent, splashing, call for help that most people expect. Drowning is almost always a deceptively quiet event. The waving, splashing, and yelling that dramatic conditioning (television) prepares us to look for, is rarely seen in real life. Read this important article to learn more about drowning and signs to look for. […]

Oregon’s First Swimming School

The  SWIMBABES™ facility opened in 1972 as Oregon’s First Swimming School.

The World’s Youngest Swim Team

SWIMBABES™ “World’s Youngest Swim Team” formed in 1982.

Ongoing Weekly Lesson Program

Weekly swim lessons help your child advance from the basics all the way to pre-competitive.

SynchroBabies™ 0-6 mos.

The earlier an infant is introduced to the water  the easier it is to teach them to swim.

Swim Survival Safety™

Swim Survival Safety™ is the foundational learning block to all other swimming skills.

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